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This is a groundwork extension package for managing users and related functions.

User profile view

More images are shown on the Screenshots page.


All of the following functions are available as API via GwUsersPattern or as ready-to-use web views via the plugin GwUsersWebManager.

Users and Groups

  • Create, edit and delete users and their data
  • Create, edit and delete groups
  • Bundle users inside groups
  • Activate/Deactivate user accounts

Permissions and Roles

  • Create, edit and delete permissions
  • Create, edit and delete roles
  • Bundle permissions inside roles
  • Assign roles to users/groups
  • Assign single permission to users/groups
  • Secure functions/views with needed permissions


  • Authenticate users by basicAuth, token, session or api_key
  • Secure functions with specific auth methods like “api_key only for API calls”.

API keys

  • Create, edit and delete API keys
  • Assign multiple API keys to users
  • Activate/Deactivate api keys


  • Create, edit and delete domains
  • Bundle users to domains for multi-client-support (Multitenancy)

Package content

  • Plugins
  • GwUsersCliManager
  • GwUsersWebManager
  • Patterns
  • GwUsersPattern